New investing book: Muscular Portfolios

Muscular Portfolios is a new investing book by Brian Livingston.  Mr. Livingston has published many books before, primarily related to computers and technology, and this is his first in the investment arena.  Not surprising, the approach he takes is computer driven and quantitative.   Possibly more surprising is that his method is neither technical nor complicated, but a straight forward approach to momentum style investing with ETFs. Continue reading

Attention Bots and Ad Blockers

Let us first say thank-you for all of the users that have frequented this site since it began in about 2005.  The ETF market has changed significantly through that time, and our user base has grown as well.  If you want the short version, you might skip to “The Way Forward” below.  Otherwise we’ll include some background.

Our goal with this site was to make most information available for “free”, supported by advertising.  That is probably because we’re cheap and don’t like subscriptions, but we also don’t like abusive advertising so we have stressed to our ad network to only show acceptable ads. Continue reading

ETFs w/ Improving Relative Strength (RSf)

In this post we take a look at which funds increased in Relative Strength (RSf) through the past tumultuous 8 days.  Several market technicians have claimed this as a “turning point” or a “transition point” in the market, implying what sectors have been performing the best may not perform best in the future.  We take a look here at those funds that appear to have come through the fire in a stronger relative position than when they entered. Continue reading

Screener Changes Coming

under-construction1We will soon be introducing the ability to customize the technical indicators used on the site.  This means you will be able to define moving averages of any duration or screen on your favorite 8-month total return (which we don’t currently support, but some people prefer). We will also be adding new indicators that we don’t already include.

Continue reading

Updates for March 2016 – #2

Following up from the new functionality added to the screener a few weeks ago, today we are releasing the option to define a Supplementary Entry Rule.  This rule will only be evaluated when a position is first taken, and will be ignored in subsequent periods where a position is carried over.  Several of you that we’ve spoken with have asked about the purpose of this rule, while others have emailed with questions about how to test a strategy where this rule would have helped. Continue reading

Screener Updates for March 2016

It has been a while since we’ve rolled out any significant updates to our system, and we have several ready to go. Today we are adding two backtesting features and announcing a change to our data update schedule.

Taking the last item first, we are pleased to be able to begin updating the backtest data on a daily basis rather than weekly. This has been a request of several users, Continue reading