Historical Data Now Available

We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing two capabilities to view historical data on the site.  First is historical trade data behind the screen results.  This was previewed in a post a couple of weeks ago titled More on a Rolling Starts Backtest.

Additionally, we are releasing the capability to view any Portfolio or Screen at a date in the past.  Anywhere you see a calendar calendarlike the one to the right, just click it and select a date.  This image is from a portfolio, but the calendar is also on all screen picks pages just above the data table.  Soon it will be making its way onto other data tables throughout the site.  So, if you’ve ever wondered what a screen looked like just before the latest correction, now you can find out.  We are kicking this feature off with a year’s worth of historical data, but that, too, will be supplemented in the near future. Continue reading