A Look Back at 2011

As the year comes to an end it’s a good time to look back and evaluate the performance of various groups of funds. We’ll start with the top 10 performing funds (active and non-leveraged) of the year. As you can see from this table, 2011 belonged to the bond funds. The only equity funds on the list are pharmaceutical funds at positions 7 and 10, and one look at their 1 year charts is enough to give you a good case of heartburn. Continue reading

New Charting for the New Year

We are excited to be introducing a new interactive charting package for the New Year. For a while now we’ve been searching for new charting tools and finally found an interactive charting package we think fits the site. Our goals were modest. We wanted to be able to scroll through time and we wanted to be able to click on a bar and view the price data. Interactive Chart Image We also like cross-hair scroll bars Continue reading