New Rank Function

Since the addition of our Percentile Rank (pRank) function last year, there have been several requests for a function to rank only the funds in the screen as opposed to all the funds in our universe as the pRank function does.  Today, we are introducing the Rank function.  It takes the symbols as defined in the first section of the screener and ranks them from 1 to n, where n is the number of funds being ranked.

Examples:  Rank( [Rtn-3mo] ) or Rank( [StDv-1mo], INVERTED )  – Ranks funds from 1 to n based on the value of the specified field or expression with larger values having higher ranks.  The keyword ‘Inverted’ reverses the order to give smaller values the higher ranks and higher values the lower ranks.

This new function may at first appear too similar to the pRank function to be of interest, but we and other users have found screen results to be different and often improved relative to the pRank function.  Bottom line, it is worth trying out on your favorite screen. Continue reading