Latest on Scheduled Update

The revisions presented last week are on track for implementation this weekend, and that means that some screens that utilize volume related fields or the standard deviation field (StDv) will require some changes.  We’ve received some positive feedback on the upgrade path, and we are working hard to ensure a smooth transition.

If you view a screen which you have flagged as a ‘Favorite’ you might now see a notice regarding a necessary screen revision.  If you click the link, you can review the proposed changes and have the opportunity to inform us of potential problems before implementation this weekend.  Obviously, we would suggest you take a look if you rely on the screen.  If you do not see any type of notice this means that either the screen utilizes none of the affected fields, or you only recently flagged it as a ‘Favorite’.  If the screen uses any of the affected fields, you should see some type of notice.

If you study the revisions you will see come commonality:

1.  Comparisons of one volume field to another require no adjustment because the revisions will affect both sides of the equations the same.  ex. [Volume] > [Vol-5d].

2.  Comparisons to numeric values are converted to use the letter suffixes.  ex.  [$vol-21] > 2000 becomes [$vol-21] > 2m.

3.  Fields used in equations or uv’s are adjusted in a default manner that divides by 1000.  This has the effect of converting the number to what it is now before the changes take place.  We obviously could have made this default change everywhere, but changes made in this manner are harder to read, therefore we tried to minimize their use.  ex. [Volume] > 1.25 * [Vol-5d] becomes ([Volume]/1000) > 1.25 * ([Vol-5d]/1000).

Again, please let us know if you see any issues as we want the transition to be as smooth as possible.  At this point we are planning to make this transition on Saturday, Jan 24.

Thanks for your continued support of our website.