Premium Access Arrives

Our Premium Access service has been mentioned several times the past few months. During that time you have had the opportunity to try out many of the features, and many of you signed up for the free trial period. As yesterday’s email to those individuals stated, that period ends tonight. Tomorrow most of the complimentary subscriptions expire, and you will need to subscribe to continue with your Premium Access level of service. Continue reading

The Search for a Bond Screen

With Washington polarized and the fiscal cliff approaching it is no surpriseHazard the market is a bit shaky.  This week the politicians gave us a Thanksgiving gift by showing an appearance of unity and then leaving town, but what will happen when they return?  Do we trust that all the hostilities of the past are mended and that the same politicians that have not been able to agree on anything the past few years will now be willing to compromise?  Doubtful, at least in the short term.  Maybe, in the eleventh hour, but that is a long month away. Continue reading

Screener Update

We have several new features for our current screener and a new screener to announce today.

Trend Explorer Chart

Chart from new Trend Explorer

We’ll start with the boring things such as new features. Few topics are more boring than statistics, so our first new feature is a volaitlity measure, or standard deviation to be precise.  These fields were actually added to the screener a few weeks ago, and a few of you have already found them under the new Volatility section of the drop-down menus.  These fields will carry the Continue reading

Intro to Trend Explorer

With this post we are excited to introduce our Trend Explorer screening model.  This specialized set of tools is designed for the exploration of the macro trends that often indicate market direction. With it, you can target specific values from our database for specific funds, or you can take a broader view by averaging or counting values across a group of funds.  Based on those values, you can define entry and exit rules for the ETF of your choice and test back to 2002.  (Note: The default is a 5-year backtest utilizing SPY as the trade vehicle.  Premium Access is required for extended functionality – and is now available for Free for a limited time.)

Trend Explorer Form Continue reading