Portfolio Backtest and more

We have recently completed a Portfolio Backtest page we are releasing today, and earlier this month we improved our Correlation Matrix page. 

The Portfolio Backtest page is a simple way to test holding a known portfolio of symbols with periodic re-balancing.  On this page you enter each symbol held and its respective weight in the portfolio, select the re-balancing period, and click the Run Model button.  The resulting stats include CAGR, drawdown, Sharpe Ratio, and more.  Also included are interactive charts showing the equity curve and drawdown.

This page resulted from an email we received a few weeks ago, and was a tool I had recently wished for while reviewing some of the robo-trading sites that are available.  Hopefully, this is the first of several simplified and targeted backtesting pages for moving averages and other strategies.  If you have suggestions in this area let us know.  The Portfolio Backtest page is under the “Screeners” tab on the navigation bar.

We also had an inquiry into why some symbols didn’t have correlation data available on the Correlation Page.  It turns out that this relic of past technological limitations was easily overcome with our current server set-up, so now any symbols we follow will be included in the correlation matrix.

As a reminder, you can click any cell in the correlation matrix and view a chart showing how the correlation between those two symbols has varied over a past period.  This phenomenon is interesting with two markets such as S&P500 versus oil.    These correlations are anything but static.  The Correlation Page is under the “Tools” tab on the navigation bar.

The final item for today relates to ad-blocking software.  Technology is constantly changing, and this technology has progressed over the past year from a nuisance to a significant factor.  If you don’t use ad-blocking software or you are a Premium Access subscriber, you don’t need to read past this point. If, however, you are a non-subscribing user running ad-blocking software, we ask you to white-list our site, or otherwise deactivate the ad-blocking while visiting the ETFScreen.com website.  We try to only have responsible advertising with no audio and no pop-up ads.  We need your support on this issue since the majority of our revenue plan is based on advertising.  Our goal is to offer a significant portion of our content without subscription because we think the world is better that way, and because people with small accounts need information too.  Please help us.




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    • Thanks for the comment.
      This screen allows a user to define a portfolio and see how that portfolio has performed historically. If your need is different, then this screen might not be what you are looking for. Might the Traditional Screener work better?

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