Updates for March 2016 – #2

Following up from the new functionality added to the screener a few weeks ago, today we are releasing the option to define a Supplementary Entry Rule.  This rule will only be evaluated when a position is first taken, and will be ignored in subsequent periods where a position is carried over.  Several of you that we’ve spoken with have asked about the purpose of this rule, while others have emailed with questions about how to test a strategy where this rule would have helped. Continue reading

Screener Updates for March 2016

It has been a while since we’ve rolled out any significant updates to our system, and we have several ready to go. Today we are adding two backtesting features and announcing a change to our data update schedule.

Taking the last item first, we are pleased to be able to begin updating the backtest data on a daily basis rather than weekly. This has been a request of several users, Continue reading