Portfolios, Blog, and Other Site Upgrades

We’re making a few changes to the site, including the additon of this blog.  If you’re not into following blog postings don’t fear, I don’t foresee  this being a high volume blog; but there are a few thoughts I’d like to present and the blog structure makes publishing fairly painless.

Those of you that accessed the Screener this morning should have seen that we’ve added some new fields and made other minor changes.  The fields that you might be interested in include a full spectrum of APR values, from 1 day to 1 year.  Some of the active traders asked for this a while back, a few problems later and it’s finally here.  We’ve also expanded the SMA series with values from 10 days to 200.

The addition I’m most excited about is the new Portfolio Feature.  It still has a little fine tuning to be done but really needs some usage and testing.   Some people call them watch lists and others call them portfolios.  Whatever you call it, you can now create your customized list, or lists, and always have them easily accesible.  Of course this requires a free registration and a login so we know who’s portfolios are who’s, but that’s a small price to pay for the convenience.  The really neat thing about the new portfolio feature is that you can select your own columns of data along with your own default sort order.  So register, then log-in, and create your own Portfolio.

While you’re waiting on that registration email check out a couple of portfolios that I created.  They’re nothing special, just demonstrating what can be done.

Most Active funds with a default layout.  This is a new version table showing the old default columns.  This is a good place to point out that portfolios are more or less public and you can easily share a link with you email or discussion list friends.  You will see above the top right corner of the table a link to Personalize this Portfolio.  Once you are logged in you can make changes to my portfolio and save it as your own.  If this were your portfolio you would have a link in this same location to Edit the Portfolio.

My Country Funds TA portfolio is a list of Single Country funds with an assortment of Technical Indicators shown.  This table is sorted by the 2-day RSI value by default, but you can sort by any column just like you could with the legacy tables.

To access your portfolios just go to the My Pages link on the header navigation bar.  Where, you ask?  Right next to the Blog link – but you’ve got to be logged in.

That’s enough to get you started.  Please share your comments so we can solve any annoyances and stomp out any bugs that might be hiding.   I’ve just noticed  a little problem with background colors when values are missing, so no need to point that one out.  I’m sure there are more.