Moving Average Lists

Several of you have asked for an easy and straight forward way to get a list of funds above or below some moving average.  This has always been available from the screener,  but that was more cumbersome than it needed to be for this simple task.  What has not been available is a list of funds Crossing-Over or Crossing-Under their moving average on a particular day.  That is – until now!  You are encouraged to check out our new Moving Average Comparison page, and let us know what you think.

In addition to the moving average data, I’d appreciate some feedback regarding the menu above the table.  While similar to the one on other site pages, we have changed the Short Funds and Leveraged Funds selection options, per user request.  The new menu does provide more selection with only two options, but might not be totally clear.  Since we will soon be rolling out new versions of all the legacy tables on the site we would like to address an issue now rather than later.

We really value your input and your support.