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The funds listed below represent various world currencies. These ETF's offer an alternative to the traditional methods of investing in the foreign exchange markets. SPY and AGG(iShares Lehman Aggregate Bond Fund) have been included on this page for comparison purposes.

Below you will see the Total Return for these funds over the past year. The default order is by Relative Strength but you can sort on any other column by clicking either the Ascending or Descending arrows. (Asc Desc).

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Viewing Friday's Closing data.

popupVanEck Vectors Rupee/USD ETNINR43.35-0.73-0.19-0.942.778.1310.1812k
popupVanEck Vectors Double Long Euro ETNURR35.341.380.670.206.5315.05-5.847k
popupProShares UltraShort YenYCS32.820.050.85-0.660.18-10.687.954m
popupiPath GEMS Index ETNJEM31.170.000.50-2.120.975.474.812k
popupWisdomTree Dreyfus Emerging CurrencyCEW30.930.31-0.66-
popupCurrencyShares Euro TrustFXE27.640.43-0.05-0.223.556.92-2.4169m
popupWisdomTree Dreyfus Brazilian RealBZF24.280.14-1.18-0.90-4.924.8910.7083k
popupWisdomTree Dreyfus Chinese YuanCYB23.860.170.141.531.474.53-0.91144k
popupiPath EUR/USD Exch Rate ETNERO23.450.00-0.99-
popupCurrencyShares Swiss FrancFXF23.020.230.440.391.935.28-2.192m
popupVanEck Vectors Renminbi/USD ETNCNY22.370.04-0.711.281.203.67-1.0913k
popupCurrencyShares Austrailian DollarFXA19.240.41-0.671.05-0.474.940.331m
popupBarclays Asian & Gulf Currency Reval ETNPGD19.
popupPowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish FundUDN17.700.23-0.09-
popupCurrencyShares Singapore Dollar Trust ETFFXSG16.
popupPowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest FundDBV15.96-0.18-0.121.74-0.86-1.532.98149k
popupiPath Optimized Currency Carry ETNICI15.350.00-0.08-0.08-0.45-3.602.23577
popupCurrencyShares Canadian DollarFXC15.12-0.25-0.341.070.740.87-4.106m
popupCurrencyShares Swedish KronaFXS14.980.48-0.13-0.600.714.88-7.48136k
popupPowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bullish FundUUP14.84-0.320.120.28-2.29-5.524.1421m
popupCurrencyShares Chinese Renminbi TrustFXCH14.330.00-0.430.00-0.320.59-3.236k
popupiPath JPY/USD Exch Rate ETNJYN14.
popupCurrencyShares Japanese Yen TrustFXY13.79-0.02-0.360.31-0.185.37-5.2617m
popupCurrencyShares British PoundFXB13.650.27-0.50-1.851.802.75-14.8213m
popupProShares Short EuroEUFX13.33-0.68-0.54-0.21-3.61-6.641.7269k
popupProShares UltraShort Australian DollarCROC13.15-0.811.26-2.890.35-10.45-4.2458k
popupiPath GBP/USD Exch Rate ETNGBB13.140.00-0.74-
popupVanEck Vectors Double Short Euro ETNDRR11.63-0.91-0.640.17-7.13-13.394.7367k
popupProShares UltraShort EuroEUO11.62-0.870.130.50-6.75-12.713.803m
popupProShares Ultra YenYCL11.230.50-0.910.54-1.519.90-13.4971k
30 symbols listed

The dynamics of Relative Strength are illustraded below for the past quarter. From this you can visualize which funds are improving on a relative basis and which are deteriorating.

5-day Intervals 21-day Intervals
Viewing Friday's Closing data.

Symbol 06/2306/1606/0906/0205/2505/1805/1105/0404/2704/2004/1204/0503/29
INR 43.438.651.252.652.462.239.949.058.453.651.248.239.8
URR 35.332.239.752.340.
YCS 32.823.114.313.437.337.
CEW 30.935.036.641.338.034.530.831.632.232.532.132.431.6
FXE 27.628.226.933.733.428.714.615.113.510.68.89.510.4
BZF 24.334.735.742.940.130.348.448.748.969.471.181.779.2
CYB 23.923.625.922.917.917.815.316.415.513.616.419.514.1
ERO 23.528.228.032.833.334.813.716.613.69.58.510.810.5
CNY 22.420.824.118.716.913.518.615.517.823.513.217.121.0
FXA 19.223.416.515.314.814.011.913.013.613.115.126.931.6
PGD 19.220.616.015.622.424.926.925.
UDN 17.719.417.324.623.217.512.813.212.810.
FXSG 16.116.314.014.213.414.016.315.714.114.312.315.618.2
ICI 15.314.914.914.515.117.321.921.519.517.713.215.915.0
FXC 15.114.913.113.311.711.09.610.010.19.710.210.212.6
UUP 14.813.914.412.312.916.229.027.823.024.625.128.223.2
FXCH 14.315.015.114.313.413.112.012.511.59.710.012.810.0
JYN 14.313.913.613.810.510.58.910.810.
FXY 13.814.415.615.812.
FXB 13.614.414.315.114.717.318.315.914.213.410.49.17.6
EUFX 13.313.613.510.811.014.127.828.719.126.729.329.524.2
GBB 13.113.313.814.514.919.418.314.512.715.
DRR 11.610.911.38.38.611.430.635.726.538.642.037.329.0
EUO 11.610.310.67.98.311.530.727.024.736.539.537.527.6
YCL 11.212.814.614.

Symbols can be added or removed by changing the list below. Symbols should be separated by a space character. A maximum of 100 symbols can be included. If more than 100 are included then the list will be truncated. Click the Update button to refresh the page.

Any symbols marked with * are not shown in the data tables because they are either filtered out
by the above settings, not valid symbols, or are low volume ETF's not updated intra-day.

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