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Funds are assigned to a Correlated Group (cGroup) based on price correlation over the past six months. This methodology will, in a few cases, result in an assignment not intuitive from the fund name. It does, however, generally reflect what funds are moving in a related pattern within the dynamic marketplace. Fund groupings are generally stable, but re-evaluated each weekend. Performance numbers are current with the site. For more information about Correlated Groups see the bottom of the Performance by Correlated Group page.

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Viewing Friday's Closing data.

popupLong-term Care ETFOLD94.650.512.61-3.82-0.3116.604.7738k
popupiShares FTSE NAREIT Residential Index Fund REZ93.100.793.61-2.210.5013.031.241m
popupiShares Cohen & Steers Realty Majors Index FundICF85.880.863.14-3.40-0.039.78-0.5043m
popupFirst Trust S&P REIT Index FundFRI82.790.752.90-3.82-1.4710.23-0.633m
popupiShares Core US REIT ETFUSRT82.080.542.71-4.10-1.4910.02-0.608m
popupSchwab US REIT ETF SCHH81.690.722.64-4.26-1.729.360.1335m
popupSelect Sector SPDR - Real Estate ETFXLRE81.111.023.28-4.01-0.787.100.61110m
popupSPDR DJ REIT Index FundRWR81.040.732.60-4.35-1.779.27-0.1220m
popupFidelity MSCI Real Estate ETFFREL76.530.783.00-4.21-2.057.28-0.175m
popupiShares US Real EstateIYR76.080.762.89-4.22-1.977.13-0.39779m
popupGuggenheim S&P 500 Eq Wt Real Estate ETFEWRE76.020.673.46-4.22-1.817.05-0.3483k
popupInvesco Active U.S. Real EstatePSR75.440.483.28-3.86-1.566.58-0.5597k
popupiShares FTSE NAREIT Mortgage REITs Index FundREM72.86-0.141.60-2.48-2.375.64-1.4511m
popupFirst Trust Multi-Asset Diversified Income FundMDIV72.340.330.94-2.09-0.013.790.992m
popupVanguard REITVNQ72.280.873.03-4.34-2.108.05-2.56517m
popupGraniteShares HIPS US High Income ETFHIPS72.08-0.711.24-4.68-
popupVanEck Vectors Mortgage REIT Income ETFMORT69.70-0.091.74-2.85-2.855.50-1.69927k
popupGlobal X SuperDividend Alternatives ETFALTY66.410.461.76-2.65-1.814.16-0.42118k
popupiShares Global REIT ETFREET66.280.531.92-4.08-2.444.560.315m
popupGlobal X SuperDiv REIT ETFSRET66.220.312.20-3.16-3.686.550.221m
popupWilshire US REIT ETFWREI59.190.00-0.15-6.74-3.216.58-4.797k
popupFirst Trust FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Global Real EstaFFR58.800.812.63-4.15-2.672.87-0.48215k
popupSPDR DJ Global Real Estate ETFRWO57.120.662.42-4.30-2.852.62-0.758m
popupCohen & Steers Global Realty Majors ETFGRI56.030.652.34-4.18-2.142.34-1.65178k
popupIndexIQ US Real Estate Small Cap ETFROOF49.970.161.86-5.58-5.877.87-5.81325k
popupFlexShares Global Quality Real EstateGQRE37.270.491.91-5.78-4.85-1.70-3.96697k
popupInvesco KBW Premium Yield Equity REIT PortKBWY31.270.412.72-6.37-9.476.15-11.413m
27 symbols listed

The dynamics of Relative Strength are illustraded below for the past quarter. From this you can visualize which funds are improving on a relative basis and which are deteriorating.

5-day Intervals 21-day Intervals
Viewing Friday's Closing data.

Symbol 10/1910/1210/0509/2809/2109/1409/0708/3008/2308/1608/0908/0207/26
OLD 94.688.473.781.081.687.390.089.590.589.984.784.084.0
ICF 85.957.551.254.160.965.768.066.767.380.664.065.464.3
FRI 82.854.650.756.161.066.372.172.172.583.966.269.268.4
USRT 82.155.451.856.962.067.771.971.
SCHH 81.755.351.957.
XLRE 81.149.848.953.460.264.966.266.366.277.963.765.065.2
RWR 81.054.851.556.362.166.271.471.471.984.066.369.969.8
FREL 76.546.846.154.259.563.766.667.068.880.365.366.767.4
PSR 75.443.848.151.457.060.564.666.565.575.260.564.163.5
REM 72.961.851.655.555.962.975.366.665.767.163.273.467.0
MDIV 72.365.059.954.954.457.858.655.
VNQ 72.342.942.951.957.
HIPS 72.162.570.867.367.971.270.472.379.479.573.472.372.5
MORT 69.758.149.455.755.966.679.467.469.069.864.976.467.3
ALTY 66.453.253.956.655.860.760.661.462.865.562.363.357.8
REET 66.346.339.850.853.958.458.960.561.467.860.961.061.6
SRET 66.246.641.856.056.368.274.877.474.581.270.975.073.5
WREI 59.252.462.847.360.961.070.567.665.370.383.461.160.8
FFR 58.837.335.
GRI 56.036.629.245.151.452.253.656.055.658.354.052.253.1
GQRE 37.328.225.240.445.649.444.452.249.155.351.951.953.6
KBWY 31.318.920.034.347.958.568.867.673.483.563.974.775.7

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