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Viewing Friday's Closing data.

popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - Health CareXLV89.38-0.570.14-5.71-4.24-0.8814.37897m
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - UtilitiesXLU73.96-0.30-4.22-0.92-2.28-1.073.90697m
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - Consumer DiscretionaryXLY92.290.041.61-5.51-0.94-1.0711.33660m
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - FinancialXLF69.38-0.46-0.04-6.56-3.60-2.893.411b
popupiShares Russell 1000 Growth Index FundIWF73.530.031.44-4.95-3.80-3.615.57200m
popupiShares Russell 2000 Growth Index FundIWO74.550.921.20-6.02-5.35-3.647.02193m
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - Consumer StaplesXLP80.51-0.21-0.15-5.12-1.75-3.748.39640m
popupiShares Russell 1000 Index FundIWB60.870.150.85-5.42-5.42-5.171.43153m
popupiShares Russell MidCap Growth Index FundIWP66.330.241.09-4.70-5.16-5.183.7241m
popupiShares Russell 3000 Index FundIWV60.150.160.87-5.43-5.53-5.221.3831m
popupiShares Russell 2000 Index FundIWM56.870.960.50-5.48-6.60-5.701.105b
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - TechnologyXLK58.840.202.63-4.96-6.22-5.713.09553m
popupiShares Russell MidCap Index FundIWR57.240.340.65-4.50-6.10-5.961.0154m
popupiShares Russell 1000 Value Index FundIWD44.730.130.23-5.92-7.09-6.76-2.81242m
popupiShares Russell MidCap Value Index FundIWS47.270.320.01-4.37-7.11-6.88-1.8154m
popupiShares Russell 2000 Value Index FundIWN38.550.85-0.28-4.96-7.90-7.95-4.76123m
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - IndustrialXLI37.820.040.56-4.64-7.23-9.95-2.37743m
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - Energy Select SectorXLE12.732.243.53-7.32-15.36-15.09-31.371b
popupSelect Sector SPDR Fund - MaterialsXLB24.150.580.95-5.36-13.49-15.18-11.90350m
19 symbols listed

The dynamics of Relative Strength are illustraded below for the past quarter. From this you can visualize which funds are improving on a relative basis and which are deteriorating.

5-day Intervals 21-day Intervals
Viewing Friday's Closing data.

Symbol 08/2808/2108/1408/0707/3107/2407/1707/1007/0206/2506/1806/1106/04
XLV 89.489.492.492.892.691.692.693.194.292.392.192.891.9
XLU 74.090.784.970.856.532.742.435.227.823.035.035.835.1
XLY 92.389.091.992.393.092.591.591.991.289.289.987.688.0
XLF 69.469.486.684.985.788.585.881.377.872.379.476.774.2
IWF 73.566.382.983.484.384.887.081.581.779.081.680.879.4
IWO 74.572.183.786.990.790.590.992.089.891.491.389.790.7
XLP 80.578.486.287.486.884.677.178.670.863.070.560.062.2
IWB 60.956.274.975.476.475.978.173.474.369.474.673.972.3
IWP 66.361.878.079.680.980.380.279.078.478.981.380.479.8
IWV 60.155.874.
IWM 56.959.568.870.279.977.881.484.379.684.783.981.582.8
XLK 58.846.874.476.576.179.284.869.576.076.678.981.781.1
IWR 57.254.872.170.472.369.271.169.870.569.974.473.573.8
IWD 44.744.758.654.265.861.265.459.362.658.364.863.761.1
IWS 47.349.061.552.262.250.559.559.360.759.664.363.864.4
IWN 38.544.041.338.256.445.161.964.256.666.764.959.064.3
XLI 37.837.143.340.849.438.758.042.346.544.549.550.349.9
XLE 12.710.614.310.611.410.813.611.412.112.813.719.314.8
XLB 24.124.626.124.628.724.640.135.547.250.367.752.851.9

Symbols can be added or removed by changing the list below. Symbols should be separated by a space character. A maximum of 100 symbols can be included. If more than 100 are included then the list will be truncated. Click the Update button to refresh the page.

Any symbols marked with * are not shown in the data tables because they are either filtered out
by the above settings, not valid symbols, or are low volume ETF's not updated intra-day.

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